Welcome to the webpage hosting the national database for equidae identified or kept on the territory of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. This computer tool is a management system for traceability and identification of equidae, as well as for studbook keeping (genealogy, performance, reproduction).


Depending on your status (horse owner, veterinarian, studbook technician, official authority, slaughterhouse or carcass collection plant), you can access certain types of information.


If you would like to undertake an ownership change, enter a request for passport issuing for a foal, register the death of a horse, consult the list of equidae for which you are registered as owner or ensure the updating of your personal data, go to the discovery of this webpage ... .


For further information, please consult the information available on this webpage or contact the following official authorities:


Administration des services techniques de l’agriculture

16, route d’Esch

L-1470 Luxembourg

production.animale@asta.etat.lu - Tel : (+352) 45 71 72-241


Administration luxembourgeoise vétérinaire et alimentaire

7B, rue Thomas Edison

L - 1445 Strassen

info@alva.etat.lu -  Tel : (+352) 247-83564